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Biocomputing Neurons

About carbon based life and neurons

We started to work on our biological neural networks. For this application, living neural cells are needed. There are 2 ways to achieve this: We chose the second option as…

Biocomputing Neurons

From digital to biology

Since its inception, FinalSpark has been actively doing fundamental research using digital computers. We now believe relying exclusively on digital computing to reach a General Artificial Intelligence is a dead…

Biocomputing Neurons

Pong – a path entropy inspired solution

Most of the machine learning tasks are using a concept of “error” (also called loss in deep learning or fitness in genetic programming or reward in reinforcement learning) in order…

A thinking neural network cluster

A new programming language

Is our approach to reach artificial intelligence disruptive? Yes, it is. Are our results disruptive? Yes, they are. We are therefore motivated to take this to the next level.

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