Biocomputing – The next evolutionary leap

by | Jul 11, 2023

Imagine a future where the boundaries between biology and technology dissolve, and the power of intelligence and computing transcends traditional silicon-based devices. Welcome to the next evolutionary leap – the era of biocomputing. In this brave new world, the Swiss company FinalSpark is leading the charge, blurring the lines between science fiction and reality.

Through the remarkable computational abilities of cultivated neurons in cell cultures, FinalSpark is paving the way for a future where living cells become the driving force behind innovation and advancement. This fusion of biology and technology opens up unprecedented opportunities, propelling us into a realm of dizzying possibilities.

The Team

At the helm of this groundbreaking technology are two visionary minds: Dr. Fred Jordan and Dr. Martin Kutter. These trailblazers have already left their mark on the world, boasting an impressive track record with over 80 patents for their forward-thinking expertise.

Dr. Fred Jordan and Dr. Martin Kutter are the masterminds behind, a global anti-fraud system used by some of the largest industries worldwide. Their expertise extends even further with the creation of, a platform harnessing the power of AI and other disruptive solutions in the biotech and pharma sectors. Together they lead an extraordinary team poised to conquer the challenges of biocomputing research and development.

Now, let’s dive into the three most awe-inspiring benefits of biocomputing, each surpassing the incredible nature of this revolutionary technology itself.

Unleashing Evolution:

Biocomputing based on wetware is not just an advancement; it is a true evolution. With self-organizing capabilities and continuous learning, wetware-based AI offers a revolutionary approach. Unlike traditional AI, it thrives as a collective intelligence, rather than being confined to one system for a single task. Science fiction is fast becoming our tangible reality as FinalSpark’s technology matures, paving the way for remarkable achievements.

Energy Efficiency Redefined:

Prepare to be astounded. Biocomputing is a staggering one billion times more energy efficient than current computing hardware. Yes, you read that correctly – one billion times. To put it into perspective, the human brain, with its 86 billion neurons, runs on a mere 20 watts of electricity. If our brains were constructed using existing computer technology, powering it would require the output of two large electric power stations just to read and comprehend this article. Biocomputing not only unleashes unparalleled computing power but does so with unprecedented efficiency, outshining any human-made computing device to date.

Limitless Scalability

Say goodbye to the constraints of silicon-based CPUs and GPUs. Biocomputers offer a truly scalable technology, effortlessly expanding through natural growth. Scaling silicon-based devices, even at the microscopic level, presents physical limitations.

In contrast, growing and scaling biocomputers is a straightforward process. The potential for advancement and expansion knows no bounds, allowing us to break free from current paradigms and venture into uncharted territories.

Biocomputing - The next evolutionary leap
A living 0.5mm wide neural cluster.

We are merely scratching the surface of the immense possibilities biocomputing holds. A diverse team of physicists, computer scientists, and biologists is diligently working to turn this vision into reality. The team at FinalSpark are extending an open invitation for anyone seeking to embark on this extraordinary adventure with them.

The future of computing is alive with the vitality of living cells. The era of biocomputing will soon be with us, and together, we’ll rewrite the laws of innovation.